Snowmobile tours

With our luxurious touring snowmobile, we offer day trips to various locations around Ammassalik Island, as well logistical support.
Snowmobile in front of glacier

Glacier Tour

Scenic snowmobile tour to a glacier beautiful situated between mountain peaks 550 meter above sea level.
First we stop at the glacier front, followed by a tour up on the glacier. From here you will on a clear day be able to see the Ocean and the Greenlandic ice cap.

Duration: Approximately 3 hours

Price: 2000,- DKK per person.

Snowmobile and view over Sermilik Fjord

Tour to Sermilik Fjord

Scenic snowmobile tour to the beautiful Sermilik fjord. 
On this tour we are going to the local hunting area called Ukiverajik. Here you will have 180 degree view over the fjord and maybe meet some of the locals preparing for hunt or coming home.

Duration: Approximately 3 hours

Price:  2000,- DKK per person.

View over Tiniteqilaaq

Settlement tour

Scenic snowmobile tour to the beautiful the settlement Tiniteqillaq, where we cross frozen fjords, lakes and glaciers.
Tiniteqiilaaq is a small settlement located right out to beautiful Sermilik Fjord. We recommend that you take a day or two to explore the area, maybe take a boat tour in the icefull fjord. 
We offer you the ride to Tiniteqiilaaq, both on snowmobile and dog sled. 
In Tiniteqiilaaq you can choose to stay in nearby mountain huts or in a central located house.

Duration:  Approximately 5 hours including stops.

Price:  3000,- DKK per person.

Snowmobile with sled

Custom tours

We offer snowmobile rental including snowmobile driver.  We offer transfer tours, logistic support, track making etc. 

Duration:  Upon request.

Price:  Upon request.