Boat tours

We offer various boat tours around the area. You can choose to join a daytour or we can set up a private tour.
View of Knud Rasmussen glacier
Old truck at the abandoned Bluie East 2 base

Glacier and abandoned WW2 airbase

Join us at this Arctic Adventure. We sail nord towards the magnificent Knud Rasmussen Glacier in the bottom of Sermiligaaq fjord. Here you will come ashore and have time for enjoying the breathtaking view. A lunch with a local touch will also be served here. After The glacier we're sailing back toward Tasiilaq, where we will stop at the abandoned WW2 airbase called Ikateq (Bluie East 2). It was abandoned in the 1950. Here you'll get the opportunity to come ashore and get a closer look at the abandoned trucks, buildings and oil barrels.

Duration - Approximately 7 - 8 hours

Included - Sailingtrip, Lunch, Hot & Cold Beverages 

Price:  1800,- DKK per person.

Humpback whale near Tasiilaq

Iceberg and Whale safari

On this tour we will hunt Icebergs and whales with our cameras. We will sail out of Tasiilaq fjord to places where whales often will be seen.

The most common whales are the Fin whale, Humpback whale, Pilot whale and Orca.

As always we have Iceberg guarantee.

Duration: 2 - 3 hour. 
Price : 800,- DKK per person.