Equipment Rental

When you leaving town and getting out in the wild Greenlandic nature, it's important to have the right equipment, for every situation you might get into.

Tasiilaq Tours have various types of equipment for rental and continuing to expand our stock. If you have some special equipment you need for your trip, you can always contact us and we will look at the possibility to get it.

For your own safety, since cellphone connection is only accessible close to towns, we advise you to always bring a satellite phone or personal beacon locator on your tours. Another thing we recommend you to bring is a rifle. There are Polar bears in Greenland, we see them now and then, therefore we are not recommending anybody to leave town without a firearm, especially if you're planning to stay overnight in the backcountry. We offer rifle lessons if you don't have any experience with firearms.

We have the following equipment in our stock:

  • Satellite phone - 100 DKK pr. day.
  • Mountain Hardwear sleeping bag - 50 DKK pr. day.
  • Mammut insulated sleeping pad - 50 DKK pr. day.
  • Jack Wolfskin 2 pers tunnel tent - 100 DKK pr. day.
  • Rifle / Shotgun (Polar bear safety) - 100 DKK pr. day.
  • Shooting lesson - 200,- kr. for one pers. + 50 DKK pr. pers.
  • Cooking equipment (Gas Burner & Pots) - 50 DKK pr. day.
  • Dinner Set and bottle - 25 DKK pr. day.
  • Warm suit for sailing - 100 DKK pr. day.
  • Snowshoe - 100 DKK pr. day.
  • Pulk - 50 DKK pr. day.
  • Dog incl. food and leash (Polar bear safety) - 50 DKK pr. day.
  • DJI Mavic Air (incl. pilot) Upon request 
  • Generator (220 / 12 V) 1800W - Upon Request
  • Fishing rod - 50 DKK pr. day
  • If you need something, don't hesitate to contact us.