Logistic Support

Are you going to Tasiilaq and need some local knowledge or logistical help, Tasiilaq Tours is ready to help you.


If you need help for your next project or tour, we're ready to help you, year around.

Earlier we have been helping and working together with companies as Channel 4, BBc Scotland, Sagafilm, Arctic Hot Point Solution, Tele Greenland. and for the production of Netflix oceans serie.

In 2018/2019 we worked together with the production company Sagafilm, while they where planning and filming the nordic TVseries "Thin Ice".

In 2018 we helped Arctic Hot Point Solutions getting their equipment down to the search area, where they were looking for airplanes which crashed at the Greenlandic icecap during WW2. They succeeded and found one of the planes. Read more about it here.

We also offer Translation from Greenlandic to Danish or English. 

If you have any questions or need help do not hesitate to contact us

Snowmobile with sled