Tasiilaq Tours

About us and the area
The Area

The East Coast of Greenland is one of the most remote areas in the world. There only lives 3250 people, spread out in two areas.

The area Ittoqqortoormiit with only 360 habitats, and the area called Ammassalik with 2900 habitats.

Tasiilaq city is the main city on the East Coast and placed in the Ammassalik area. The city is populated by 2000 habitats.

In the Ammassalik area, you can also visit 5 settlements, Kulusuk, Tiniteqilaaq, Sermiligaaq, Kuummiut, and Isortoq.

The area has only been in contact with the rest of the world for 140 years. Before 1884, the only people here were inuit who lived by what they could find in nature, without the help of any modern tool.

Today Tasiilaq city is a modern city with smartphones, internet access, supermarket etc. The city receives around 10 supply ships a year coming from June till November. 

How to get here

The entrance to Ammassalik area and Tasiilaq is Kulusuk Airport. You get to Kulusuk from Keflavik (Iceland), or Nuuk (West Greenland). 

From Kulusuk you get to Tasiilaq by helicopter or by boat. We're happy to help you book tickets.  Please mail us, for more information.  

Tasiilaq Tours est. 2017

Tasiilaq Tours is a small local company offering various tours and experiences, as well as offering logistic support and help as your local represents.

We operate from Tasiilaq year around and the main seasons are winter from mid-February till mid-May, and summer from July till October. 

The company is owned by Rasmus Poulsen, who has been living in Greenland since 2013. He moved to Tasiilaq in November 2016 and founded the company. 

The company offer Accomodation in house, Sauna, Snowmobile, dogsled and boat-tours as well as translation, logistic support etc. 

View from a dogsled